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Our Firm

Our firm is located in the heart of Yakima, Washington. We have a friendly, efficient and bilingual staff (in English and Spanish). It serves our clients in state and federal court throughout the state. 

Our Attorneys

Lawyer Favian Valencia
Attorney Favian Valencia

is dedicated to fighting for his clients' rights. He was born in Aurora, Illinois and grew up in Yakima, Washington. He graduated from Gonzaga University and University of Dayton School of Law. His hobbies include running, fishing and archery.  

Attorney Erika Valencia

 focuses on employment discrimination and personal injury law. Erika is barred in Washington state courts and federal court. She is passionate about guiding her clients through the legal complexities they face.

Legal Assistants

Fatima Valencia

is a graduate of Yakima Valley Community College. She is passionate about helping our clients obtain justice in their cases.

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