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Legal Practice Areas

We are committed to serving our clients' legal needs. Therefore, we have diversified our practice areas in order to be better able to serve our clients.
Car Accident Injury


Our clients that have suffered a car accident are put in a situation that no body would ever like to be in. After suffering injuries and pain, you get an insurance claim adjuster pressuring you to sign and settle a case for what they call a "fair" settlement. We take pride in helping our clients obtain compensation to be made whole. In cases where adjusters are not reasonable, we are able to encourage the insurance companies by taking them to court. 

Medical Malpractice


We represent clients who have been injured as a result of medical errors. Our staff has created medical negligence law precedent in the Washington State Supreme Court, which allows us specific insight as to the intricacies of this complex area of law.


From traumatic injury to employment wrongful termination, we represent individuals in litigation in Yakima County.


Employment Discrimination

Although Washington State is an "at will" state, there are specific laws that protect employees from discriminatory/retaliatory termination.



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